Time Bomb, by James Cihlar

Inspiration comes when we don’t want it. Navigating the system’s complicated interchanges, an egg-crème moon balances on a distant viaduct, a right jolly apparition competing with the skyline’s liquid crystal display stage left. This morning my partner went to work laughing, You never let me talk, ten years into a projected thirty-year crisis. How long … Continue reading Time Bomb, by James Cihlar

James Cihlar

James Cihlar’s second book is Rancho Nostalgia,forthcoming from Dream Horse Press. His work has been published in American Poetry Review, Prairie Schooner, Smartish Pace, and Court Green.

CPR Volume 14-2

October, 2012 Table of Contents   Anne Champion, Snapdragons Brenda Yates, Pond, Water Lilies & Meadow Kristin Mason, Dissecting Owl Pellets in Fifth Grade Janice Greenwood, Sublimation Ezra Dan Feldman, I Am That Michelle Matthees, Scraps Sandra Kohler, Daemon James Cihlar, Time Bomb Jean Hollander, On the Bus to New York Kim Roberts, A Deployed … Continue reading CPR Volume 14-2