Gabrielle Peterson

Gabrielle M. Peterson is a writer currently living in Chicago, Illinois. She reviews fiction for Midway Journal, is a contributor to The Huffington Post, and has written poems that have appeared in The Literary Bohemian, Chimes & Sirens, Euonia Review, Triggerfish Critical Review, and Front Porch Review.

men as described
by Gabrielle M. Peterson

as june bugs. warm weather phenomena. waiting for us in lime and lemon light, floorboard cracks and burning sidewalk pavement. settling on a noon like leaf or birch. i step on some. others, like fig-eaters, like tiny ten-lined watermelons, i spare, not keeping anyone alive for anything other than connotation. and as for dodging, i … Continue reading men as described
by Gabrielle M. Peterson

CPR Volume 18-2

April, 2016 T A B L E of C O N T E N T S POEMS Joan Colby, Testimony Mary Moore, Economy Rebecca Starks, On Tidying Up Ann V. DeVilbiss, In a Field, Far Carlie Hoffman, North Window Dianne Stepp, Hunger Stephanie Coyne DeGhett, The Colors Christopher Petruccelli, Verdigris Steven Sanchez, After Bobby Jindal … Continue reading CPR Volume 18-2