The Body is a Farmer and a Farm
by Emily Jaeger

It can plant seeds and force them to grow. It thinks it knows everything. The real problem is all the rain in July. If you touch tomato plants when they’re wet, share a knife between stalks of chard, the blight spreads. When it rains, farmhands sit in the barn sorting yarn. Sheep hair severs like … Continue reading The Body is a Farmer and a Farm
by Emily Jaeger

Emily Jaeger

Emily Jaeger is the author of the chapbook, The Evolution of Parasites (Sibling Rivalry Press), illustrated by Robin Levine. Her work has been publishing in The Offing, Four Way Review, TriQuarterly, and Apt among others. Emily has received fellowships as a Literary Lambda Emerging Writer, a participant in TENT, and the New York State Summer Writers Institute. Her poem, “Palmyra’s Arch of … Continue reading Emily Jaeger

CPR Volume 19-2

July, 2017 T A B L E of C O N T E N T S POEMS Jeanne Obbard, Nurse Log Lana Spendl, On the Balcony Gerry LaFemina, Conjecture Shuly Cawood, Aguascalientes, 1919 Clare Louise Harmon, Sunny Ithaca John Sibley Williams, Spectacle Susan Okie, On Lake Victoria Robert Fillman, Lion Dream Emily Jaeger, The Body … Continue reading CPR Volume 19-2