by Daniel M. Shapiro

These moves predate the century before last, when we first met to sketch maps of how we would connect. In the beginning, all we shared was a language, a grid, ships placed where we saw fit. The questions would flow, first about colors, later covering frailties—the heartbreaks that sharpened our eye contact. We faced each … Continue reading Battleship
by Daniel M. Shapiro

Daniel M. Shapiro

Daniel M. Shapiro is the author of several poetry collections and chapbooks, including The Orange Menace, Heavy Metal Fairy Tales, and How the Potato Chip Was Invented. He is the senior poetry editor and reviews editor for Pittsburgh Poetry Review.

CPR Volume 19-2

July, 2017 T A B L E of C O N T E N T S POEMS Jeanne Obbard, Nurse Log Lana Spendl, On the Balcony Gerry LaFemina, Conjecture Shuly Cawood, Aguascalientes, 1919 Clare Louise Harmon, Sunny Ithaca John Sibley Williams, Spectacle Susan Okie, On Lake Victoria Robert Fillman, Lion Dream Emily Jaeger, The Body … Continue reading CPR Volume 19-2