.chisaraokwu. is a Nigerian American poet, performance artist & healthcare futurist. Her creative works have appeared or are forthcoming in Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Obsidian, Page & Spine, the Urban Cusp and other literary and academic journals. She is passionate about addressing religious-based & gender-based trauma through the arts and loves musical theater. Conversant in three … Continue reading .chisaraokwu.

CPR Volume 21-1

January, 2019 T A B L E of C O N T E N T S POEMS Devon Miller-Duggan, Supplication Aura Christi, Dawn Alison Stone Drizzling Ghazal Sherry Rind, This time of year Caroline Goodwin, Common Plants of Nunavut Jen Karetnick, Misdirection Jennifer Bullis, Landscape with Mud and Prints .chisaraokwu., In Fretta Clara McLean, Pulmo … Continue reading CPR Volume 21-1