Five Lessons
by Cassandra Cleghorn

I. Box Ficelle of steel cigar box barrel stave pernambuco river shipped Belly gauged for ear softer wood whose fibers give, back for eye flames mounting toward button of neck its backward slant Compare Bergonzi’s f-hole to that of Gasparo da Salo [Go ahead, laugh] how each seems about to fall forward seahorses flanking the … Continue reading Five Lessons
by Cassandra Cleghorn

Cassandra Cleghorn

Cassandra Cleghorn’s first book, Four Weathercocks, is forthcoming from Marick Press in March 2016. Her poems have appeared in many journals including The Paris Review, Yale Review, New Orleans Review, Poetry International and Narrative. She lives in northwestern Massachusetts where she teaches at Williams College and serves as associate editor of Tupelo Press.

CPR Volume 18-1

January, 2016 T A B L E of C O N T E N T S POEMS Danielle Mitchell, Knowledge Janet Hagelgans, First Kill Judy Kronenfeld, Hallowed Freeze, Exalted Thaw Amanda Lou Doster, You are expected to be more decorous than linoleum Jennifer Bullis, In That Time of Skiing I Was Always Wrong T.J. Sandella, … Continue reading CPR Volume 18-1