How Mom Quit Saying Shit
by Benjamin Cutler

She started by dropping the i and stretching the hiss which she would halt with a punch of tongue to teeth for a hard t. I swear, it sounded just like the flight of arrows in those old westerns Dad would watch: feather, shaft, and flint finding leather, bark, or bone. But Mom would turn … Continue reading How Mom Quit Saying Shit
by Benjamin Cutler

Benjamin Cutler

Benjamin Cutler was raised on a riverbank in the mountains of western North Carolina. He is a graduate of Western Carolina University and currently teaches English and creative writing at Swain County High School. In conjunction with his work as an English teacher, Benjamin is an ambassador for the global educational non-profit Narrative 4, an … Continue reading Benjamin Cutler

CPR Volume 19-4

January, 2018 T A B L E of C O N T E N T S POEMS Margaret C. Hughes, Leaving Rhode Island D M Gordon, Protest Judith Montgomery, Apoptosis Alison Stone, Chill Lori Lamothe, Before Further Testing Gail C. DiMaggio, The Wind Telephone Chris Souza, Waiting Megan Merchant, Cafuné Sergio A. Ortiz, Postcards Cameron … Continue reading CPR Volume 19-4