by Ruth Williams

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He Asks Why I Can’t Get My Mind around Happiness
by Shannon Castleton

Because when I turn to a window, there’s always something in the air, not falling—a leaf in a current, a wisp of cotton; green finches scissor by like the pulse on a heart monitor, and you know it will all drop somewhere. Like tiptoeing a tightrope. Like: in the months before the retriever died, he rested his giant head in … Continue Reading ››

A Day Laborer Dreams Away His Drive Home
by Ian Hall

I want to read the love lines in your blackwatch plaid and kiss the cracks in your hard hat like a snake tongues the hatchlings in their coop—an old swing set dressed in rust and guy-wire. No I don’t care a bit to change tonight’s half-baked channel cat to tenderloin or a toothsome chop just please let me watch you drink up the throwaway slushings of pan lard. … Continue Reading ››