by Nick Conrad

Long ago, this colony met in secret congress with itself to fix the hour of its future dissolution, a date stamp invisible to that fiction called “self”, an accident which arose from the assembled elements. And when, tired of this drunken stupor of oxygen and blood, my constituent tribes disband, the first to leave, slipping away drop by drop, will be that which comprises the bulk of … Continue Reading ››

Why This Place
by John Willson

Conversation with a Young Day Hiker, Above Marmot Pass, Olympic Mountains
i Striding, he catches us on our duffs, exclaims What a spot! He distracts us from gouda, smoked trout, Snyder’s Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems. To say nothing of lines that peaks and ridges cut into lowering light, Mount Mystery’s vertex acute enough to balance a compass needle. Twenty years—we … Continue Reading ››