Aura Christi

by Aura Christi

translated from Romanian by Adam J. Sorkin and Petru Iamandi The light sends its ambassadors

Common Plants of Nunavut
by Caroline Goodwin

MOUNTAIN AVENS This is when the birds start to lay eggs. And this one starts to uncoil. Today the sky is most unfriendly. Downright hostile, one could say. All pallid, all doughy, all globule, all spasm, all unshapely, all unspun. When at last they can’t find you anywhere, they remove the breathing tube. Every scrap of cloth. It is dream it … Continue Reading ››

Landscape with Mud and Prints
by Jennifer Bullis

The trails slick and soggy after three months’ snow and rain. Water fills the woods, floors all the low places with slow-flowing brown and gray. Sometimes, the water silvers, and branches above, as always, green. Among still-bare canes of wild rose and salmonberry, a new path tramped by dogs off-leash leads to a puddle, now pond. I follow the paw prints to see. … Continue Reading ››