Naming the Day
by Phillip Sterling

He had asked and in reply— swallowtail, joe-pye weed, balloon flower, skipper —the boy recalls a beach where his father is teaching the perfection of stone, honed smooth and flat as possible and best sized, if possible, to fit exactly the thumb and forefinger of one’s throwing hand, and to send it on a plane like a pilot practicing take-offs and … Continue Reading ››

by Susan Okie

I pearl a leaf’s bottom, a marble drinking light, hatch out minute, green as the leaf I rest on, devour, mixing its yellows with my blood’s blue to match this leaf, the next, the next, eating my way down stems, no time to savor. Your fruits are dreams. I’m my own ballooning. I embody, transform—goliath worm, a giant, pliant, undulant cigar. I swell till you can’t miss the white … Continue Reading ››