Along the Edge of the Mad
by Suzanne Rogier Marshall

A tumble-rush, whitewater roar, the river races, mad as its name, over cobble and ledge. Kingfisher rattling overhead, I wander a jumble of boulders beached at its edge – granite hump-backed, sun-bleached, streaked in ochre and dun, glint of quartz. Amid this wild scatter, a rock the shape of my heart – two lobes tapered … Continue Reading ››

Naming the Day
by Phillip Sterling

He had asked and in reply— swallowtail, joe-pye weed, balloon flower, skipper —the boy recalls a beach where his father is teaching the perfection of stone, honed smooth and flat as possible and best sized, if possible, to fit exactly the thumb and forefinger of one’s throwing hand, and to send it on a plane like a pilot practicing take-offs and … Continue Reading ››