Storm Crow
by Clyde Kessler

At noon a ghost begins threading darkness through a needle’s eye then stitches it all like a field sprouting on lightning, all blind after the light. Raindrops chase every crow across the holler. One of the crows believes I’m a real ghost, the one who steals the sky from its wings, the one jimmying doors inside a cloud and walking off with … Continue Reading ››

The Red Diamond Queen
by Mary Moore

Mom’s getting even this evening, going mum. I’m not sure why. I bask in the silence. She plays solitaire, flicks a Queen over, four- pointed red diamond: too solid star, opaque. No one can read her omens and signs. She wears a square-cut diamond on her ring finger too: it lets light but not seeing through, sparks and glints as she clicks the cards. Seven, I’m … Continue Reading ››